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Landscaping and Sod Project Wilmington DE.

Landscaping with Sod

A front yard with fresh sod and grass

One of Pro Image Landscaping's long standing residental property maintenance customers in Wilmington, DE asked us how we could help restore her lawn after an unusually hot summer.

While most lawns will go dormant during a hot summer drought, if there is a month or more of extreme heat and humidity with no rain or sprinkler system, it can cause some major damage.

Sodding, Aeration & Seeding

Our client fit into this above category, so we priced out different pricing options from sodding, aeration and power seeding. The least costly option was the aeration, the power seeding next and sod was the most expensive option. Even though the sodding was the most expensive, it was the easiest for the client to take care of and getting the results in weeks instead of months to years with seeding.

We service Wilmington, Newark and Hockessin Delaware as well as Garnet Valley, West Chester, Chadds Ford and Kennett Square Pennsylvania and neighboring cities in DE, PA.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

Installing Sod

The process of installing sod is expensive because it is very labor intensive. All of the existing root sytem of grass, trees and vegetation must be entirely removed and disposed of at proper recycling facilities.

Once all the landscaping area to be sodded has been stripped, the next step is to till in a new top dressing of 1-3"of premium topsoil. Along with other soil amendments to correct soil pH and starter fertilizer to give the sod roots a boost. We only use the best tall fescue sod in the Tri-State area. It takes a special blend of starter fertilizer, lime and a premium topsoil to establish a good foundation for the sod installation.

Watering Sod is Important

Freshly cut grass with nice looking landscaping

The last step of installing the sod rolls is the last important step. Start from the longest straight line and start to lay the sod in a running bond pattern. This is to make sure none of the sod joints are lining up. You want to achieve staggered sod lines.

Another helpful step is rolling the lawn after the sod has been installed to ensure good root to soil contact. Now that Pro Image Landscaping has ensured the best practices to give the best results, it's now the clients responsibility to water the sod, per our detailed watering instructions, that we give as a guideline for the next few weeks of care.

We can't stress how important it is for clients to follow these guidelines. Sod is a living thing, it needs three things, food, water and sunlight to survive. If the watering is not done properly then everything we have done up to this point would be in vein.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

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