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Paver Patio & Landscaping Project
Hockessin, DE.


Paver Patio

In Hockessin, DE, Pro Image Landscaping were contracted to do a medium sized paver patio with knee walls and landscaping planter beds in the backyard of the client's home.

After interviewing many different landscaping and hardscape contractors, the client went online to do some research on how their project should be done. Looking through countless articles and websites, they came across our site by chance. The first thing the client noticed about us was the amount of information we provide to our clients about the specifics involved in landscaping project.

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Finding the Right Landscaping Contractor

They decided to give us a call and they were pleasantly surprised on how Pro Image listened to what their needs were. They were frustrated with dissappointing designs, ridiculously low and astronomical quotes to install their dream landscape project.

After a long interviewing process the client decided to go with our company because of the 175 references we have available and our five year guarantee we provide and will still be around to address any future problems with our work. The other deciding factors were that every step of the landscaping process was outlined and in writing. They had other higher and lower bids, but after we presented an overwhelming amount of referrals and asked the client to call as many as they like. We even gave them questions that every homeowner should ask their landscape contractors.

Landscaping Around the Paver Patio

Landscaping Paver Patio

One of the landscaping planter beds was requested to be integrated in with the steps that came out of the back door entrance.

It's not a good idea to install a raised planting bed next to the house where the siding is exposed, so we advised the client on the extra cost to waterproof the exterior of the home, so there would be no damage from wet soil next to the house, in the planter beds.

Our favorite feature of this paver patio is the old Roman-Style columned knee walls. It was an aesthetic choice that paid off for the client because this makes the patio very unique in style. It's not the standard way to install a knee wall, but is just as strong and effective. Be different, be unique and have your own sense of style!

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

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