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Landscape Design – Paver Walkway & Steps, Wilmington, DE

Paver Walkway & Steps For Landscape

Landscape Design Paver Walkway

A customer from Wilmington, Delaware called us to get an estimate for design and installation of a new paver walkway, steps and landscaping. The client was already familiar with Pro Image Landscaping's work in the North Wilmington area for over 20 years now, so they decided to hire us because all the other companies that were low bidding the job just so they could get the work. Fortunately for us, the customer knew what value we brought to our past clients and our step-by-step installation written installation processes with our price guarantee made it a clear choice.

The design process went very quickly. The customer already had photos and ideas from online galleries they printed out to help convey their needs and wants to incorporate into the hardscape design.

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Concrete Walkway Installation

Landscape Design Concrete Walkway Install

The old concrete walkway was removed along with a large overgrown maple tree and the original landscaping. By removing the tree, we eliminated the cracking of the concrete sidewalks and driveway from future damage. It also opened up the view of the home from the street, which allows the new landscape and hardscape to bee seen. Now that's curb appeal!

Using Concrete Pavers & Bullnose

EP Henry block and concrete pavers were used as the hardscape materials for this project. The pavers natural brown hues complimented the home. Bullnose was chosen for the steps because of it's smooth finish and contemporary look. The most prominent feature the clients wanted was the incorporation of a radius step into the stairs needed to get to the porch elevation. It took our three man crew two weeks from start to finish.

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Pro Image Landscaping can Install Sod for your Landscape

Landscape Design Steps

We encountered a few small boulders in the excavation area so we needed to did down deeper and amend the clay soil with stone and portland cement to make the base solid enough for construction. During the last days of construction the client made a change request to install sod and opted to do the landscaping on their own. We were happy to make the change to accommodate what they needed and budgeted for, so in the end, another happy customer.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

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