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Landscape Lighting & Paver Walkway Project in Bear, DE

A Reliable Landscape & Hardscape Contractor is Not Always Easy to Find

The new paver walkway that we installed for the front entrance.

Pro Image Landscaping does not do a lot of advertising—word-of-mouth referrals and great reviews let our customers say it best. We have a five star rating on our Google reviews and Houzz.com as well as being on most of the first page search engine results. This made it quite easy for a client in Bear, Delaware who was looking to find a reputable landscape company.

We service Wilmington, Newark and Hockessin Delaware as well as Garnet Valley, West Chester, Chadds Ford and Kennett Square Pennsylvania and neighboring cities in DE, PA.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting to go With a New Paver Walkway and the Swimming Pool Perimeter

This client wanted to get a quote for a new paver walkway for the front entrance, landscaping around the swimming pool in the backyard and low voltage landscape lighting for the front yard to accent the architectural beauty of the home. Lighting was also installed around the pool perimeter area to create a gorgeous ambient night time setting. During our initial 30 minute phone conversation I told our client that we will send her appointment date confirmation with time along with our free information about how Pro Image does their installation processes for the front concrete paver walkway, as well as what to look out for when interviewing other contractors.

We truly believe that an informed client is more likely to make a better decision based on the overall value, not just price. Overall value should include price, service, warranty and quality of workmanship.

Now This is How to Do a Paver Walkway!

Another look at the paverwalkway connecting to the street.

Our hardscape crew got to work on the paver walkway for the front yard first. We went with Cambridge 6 x 6" and 6 x 9" paver units in the Chestnut Lite color with a Mocha Brown border. This blended very well with the brick work on the front of the home. The hardscape and architectural lighting for the front yard was the second phase we installed in the landscape renovation.

*TIP: Always think ahead!. For example, before the workday was complete we ran a piece of conduit underneath the walkway so we could easily get electric cables for lighting or electric if needed in the future easily by way of the conduit. The paver walkway was built to be four feet wide that flared out to six feet wide at each end. We moved the walkway away from the landscape beds by a foot or two due to the overgrown shrubbery. This made it much easier to walk to the front entrance without branches and shrubbery growing over the bed line into the walkway path.

Landscaping in the Backyard with Perennials around the Swimming Pool

In our final phase, we moved into the backyard to do some landscaping around the swimming pool area. The plants around the pool were designed to be low maintenance with flowering colors throughout the spring and summer when the pool is mostly used and for the simplicity of the design.

Delaware River Rock was used for the landscape beds around the pool for a no maintenance factor. A colorful blend of perennial plants were chosen along with flowering shrubbery and an ornamental Pee Gee hydrangea tree for a visual centerpiece.

LED Landscape Lighting is a Beautiful Addition

The pool with our newly installed LED landscape lights and some perennials.

Before we installed all the River Rock in the beds, we first installed 13 low voltage area LED lights that stood 18 inches tall to give off a warm ambient night light show. All of our landscape lighting we install are LED as they have come a long way and now we have LED bulbs that mimic the same light temperature as halogen bulbs but only consume 3 Watts for each fixture. All of our lighting installations come with a lifetime warranty on the fixtures.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

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