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Landscaping & Retaining Wall
Wilmington, DE.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall with beautiful flowers and some nice grass

At Pro Image Landscaping we were picking up some materials from our supplier in Wilmington, Delaware when a customer came in to look at some of the wall materials they wanted to use for a do-it-yourself project.

After speaking with some of the sales people at the counter and listening to all the steps to ensure the retaining wall doesn't collapse, they soon realized it was a lot more involving than they thought. I gave them a card and said to call us if you decide to get an estimate on the retaining wall.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

A Landscaping Company that Uses EP Henry

They called a few other landscaping companies and got quotes from two other landscape coontractors. The materials they were looking at were EP Henry retaining wall block and we are one of EP Henry's certified installers for their materials. This was a very important factor for the client when deciding who to use for this hardscape project.

Having a partnership with one of the biggest manufacturers of pavers and wall blocks is a relationship we are proud of. We are also certified with Belgard, Techo-Bloc and CST. Who would you rather hire? A landscaping company who claims high standards, or one that is approved by the manufacturers' standards? This means we are among the best installers in the industry and the manufacturers recommend us as paver installers of their products

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

Landscaping around Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks are available in different styles, colors and textures to fit your style. Looking at all the options during the planning stages are important as they may affect the landscaping design.

Back to the project. This retaining wall was built on a lawn with a severe slope which makes leveling and constructing the base of the wall footer very tricky. There are about five different levels with this simple wall. If not constructed on a solid base guess where the wall will go? You got it,…right down the hill.

When Pro Image was nearing the completion of the wall the customer had one final request. The do-it-yourselfer installed all the landscaping in the landscape bed we created for this purpose. So in the end the customer got what they wanted and the landscaping looks great!

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

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