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Hardscape Public Project: Paver Walkway and Patio in Wilmington, DE

A look at the outdoor area before we worked on it. Just grass.

It is a great joy when we at Pro Image Hardscaping get a request for a public project in one of the cities we service. We were excited to get a call from a local facility located in the heart of Wilmington Delaware named The Sunday Breakfast Mission.

A Paver Walkway that was also a Memorial!

Mr. Smith, the manager of the facility was looking to do a memorial paver walkway, patio and an overhead roof to keep the patio area cool in the hot summers. For the paver walkway, the facility had about 200 names of people who have donated to help the homeless, jobless and battered women and their children. The names were to be engraved in the pavers used for the walkway and arranged randomly so it would be interesting when looking for the benefactors names.

We service Wilmington, Newark and Hockessin Delaware as well as Garnet Valley, West Chester, Chadds Ford and Kennett Square Pennsylvania and neighboring cities in DE, PA.

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We Used Water Jet Cutting to Engrave the Pavers

All of our custom engraving and inlays for anything you can think of are done by a great company called Paver Art LLC., located in New Jersey. They use precision water jet cutting and high strength epoxy to give you a custom inlay that is unique and durable.

Check Out What We Did With the Paver Patio Area...

The patio roof and new paver patio we built.

It would take about a week before the engraved pavers would be ready for installation, so we decided to start on the paver patio area first.

...We added a Patio Roof

The overhead vinyl covering to cover the patio was very heavy duty quality steel beams, so frost-line concrete footers were needed at three feet wide and three feet deep.

There was a section of privacy fencing already installed that would need to be removed to access the paver areas. The aluminum fencing is easily removed and was replaced at the completion of the job. The facility was very busy on a daily basis so we needed to have the area caution taped and safety cones around the work site to prevent anyone from getting injured. We do this on all the job sites we work on, but people just get curious and interested in what improvements are being made.

The Engraved Pavers in the Paver Walkway Looked Great!

The finished paver walkway with the engraved pavers.

Awesome! The engraved pavers were ready for the walkway installation as we were finishing up the main paver patio and the sun shade vinyl roof. The engraved pavers were mixed with non-engraved pavers to make it interesting when looking for the patron's names. The project was finally completed and the residents of the Wilmington Sunday Breakfast Mission were anxious to try it out.

We removed all the caution and safety cones so now they could use the newly built area. I have to say that the smiles on the children and mothers' faces were joyous and the reason why Pro Image takes great pride in our work. We live for those reactions for all our clients but with kids something so small made a huge difference in enjoying outside play time at the facility…priceless!

If you're in Wilmington, Delaware and are looking to have a paver patio, walkway or driveway installed give us a call to see what Pro Image Hardscaping services can do for your home.

Schedule a consultation or CALL (302) 793-1421.

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