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Hardscape Project – Flagstone Patio Garnet Valley, PA

Flagstone Patio Hardscape Project

Flagstone Patio

In Garnet Valley, PA. Pro Image Landscaping was hired to do two hardscaping projects. The first of the two projects was a small natural flagstone patio with rustic informal landscape elements. The backyard was where the clients spent the most time and they were from the southwest, so incorporating stone features was a request the client had made.

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Using Natural Stone for a Flagstone Patio

When talking about the design they had said how beautiful there patio at their old home was, so we tried to find a similar style to make them feel like they are home. West mountain stone was chosen for the outer patio elements and a splash of it in the flagstone patio to tie in the whole rustic stone look.

After completing the flagstone patio, there was quite a bit of natural stone left. When asking what the client wanted to do with it, they said "Can't you use it"? After we had left that evening, our foreman said that the pile of stone looks like a table or seat. After tossing the idea to the client, they said "Well how much more would that cost"? The only materials we needed were mortar and about a days labor. $800.00 was the final cost of the seat that would have cost more if we needed to buy the materials. It was the clients favorite feature of the whole hardscape project.

A Beautiful New Hardscape Patio

Flagstone Seat

For the front yard hardscaping project, the client chose to go with an EP Henry paver for the walkway and a sitting area patio. The small three-foot wide concrete walkway was too small and there was no area for a sitting area the clients wanted. The new landscaping design made way for all of the needs of the client plus with a blank slate now for the planting beds, the customer chose to do their own landscaping with a little help from Pro Image on plant selection. Adirondack chairs and tables along with hanging flower baskets completed the feeling of "Welcome Home".

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